Wednesday, May 27, 2015

0 Reader Space: Loads of Love for Laundry

Reader Spaces, oh how I have missed you!  Today's space is just what I needed to feel re-inspired about my own laundry situation.  Our laundry room makes me happy and isn't the most troubled spot in our home, but lately it has become a tornado of a mess and I have fallen behind with our daily washing routine.  There are a few lingering projects I would love to tackle in there, and I think that Jessica just bumped those up on our priority list.

Jessica blogs over at Live the Fancy Life, and I love her mission!  Live the Fancy Life is all about making every day count, living life to the fullest and enjoying the days we’ve been given.  And she is practically my neighbor, so I can't help but feel a connection with her!  Not to mention, she offers amazing advice for dressing little dudes.

When I first saw her laundry room, I quickly showed Bryan and begged him to finish up our laundry room projects.  He reminded me that we have a different project to finish up first, but he agreed, this is one heck of a transformation. 

Let's begin by taking a look at Jessica's laundry room before her recent makeover.

As you can see, it was begging for a little love and updating.  And that is just what happened!  I asked Jessica to stop by today to share more details.

What is the main function of the space?

"Laundry, laundry, laundry. I LOVE that this space allows us to fold and hang everything. If our boys are in bed, our clothes aren't stuck in baskets or laying on our bed. That always turns into a bad situation where they don't get put away for weeks."

Any superstar tips for keeping the space organized?

"For us, the individual baskets for each member of our family and different colored hangers and spaces on the hanging bar make a huge difference. Keeping the laundry detergent and dryer sheets organized is easy with a beautiful tray. The cabinets allow us to keep dirty clothes separate from clean clothes and even allow for extra storage for things like sheets. And a hidden trash can is a pretty nice bonus."

What items did you find were essential when organizing this space and why?

"Hands down, the hanging bar, built-in hampers and counter spaces. Several friends recommended the little tray for random pocket change and that is also so nice vs. having everything just laying on the counter."

What did you do to go the extra mile and "Make it Pretty"?

"Two words. Marble backsplash! Oh my! The backsplash has my heart. Is it necessary in a laundry room? Absolutely not, but it gives the room a stunning finish that could not be achieved with paint. I also love the laminate counters that are faux marble. They were exceptionally budget friendly, but make the room look higher end than it actually is. And the simple but pretty art from Rifle Paper Co. is so nice to look at."

What items did you DIY to stay on a budget?

"Please keep in mind that this project was mostly sponsored, but I did buy cabinets that were in stock and affordable. I went with very inexpensive laminate countertops that still achieved the look I was going for. And finally, the tile on the floor looks great, but it is actually vinyl and is a very budget-friendly option."

How has it impacted your life for the better? 

"Besides being pretty, this space is incredibly functional. It allows us to fold laundry and leave it until we have time to put it away. We have space to create organized piles and hanging things immediately means it doesn't end up in a basket for weeks. We have been caught up on laundry for the full two months since this space wrapped up. I definitely couldn't say that before. I don't even want to tell you how many loads of laundry were sitting in our hampers before this room change occurred." 

A complete transformation at its finest!

Having a similar setup with the folding counter and hanging bar, I can attest that it makes such a dramatic difference in our laundering process to have a place to fold and hang items to dry.  Toss in all of the added storage within the cabinets above and below, and you are able to display the pretty and tuck away the day-to-day visual clutter.

What we don't have and have always lusted after, is a counter over the washer and dryer.  What a difference it makes to have accessible solid surface for both storage and stacks of clothing.  It also provides a streamlined appearance in the space.  I adore that Jessica now has a place to display her decorative bins of laundry care items, as well as a catch-all tray for pocket items.  Pretty flowers are a plus.

Other takeaways are a tucked away trash can and color coded hangers for the family.  And backsplash.  Glorious, beautiful backsplash.  I agree, it was a game changer.

A load of thanks to Jessica for sharing her incredible makeover with all of us today.  I hope she is ready for all of the grumbling husbands around blogland.  I think many have laundry room projects in their future.

You can read more about Jessica's smashing space on her blog here.

*  All images courtesy of Live the Fancy Life and Melissa Oholendt Photography.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

8 IHeart Murchison-Hume & a GIVEAWAY!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend!  The boys had a four day school vacation and I really enjoyed their daily company.  We were able to mix some housework with a lot of play, leaving us all exhausted in the very best of ways.

Speaking of chores, although spring is already almost over, we are just starting to think about our spring cleaning sessions around here.  The fact that spring always seems to arrive later here in the Midwest paired with our major home projects as of late, we are a bit behind our normal cleaning and decluttering schedule.  But I am ready!  In fact, I personally find an odd excitement in a good deep cleaning session.  But you already knew that.  You also probably know that we made the switch the more homemade and healthy cleaning products a few years ago.  It is always nice to know that I don't have to worry about what I am spraying into the air that we all breath each day.  And that I don't have to be concerned when the dogs lick up random crumbs from under the kitchen table.

But I know not everyone wishes to take the time to make homemade cleaners.  Or maybe you are skeptical about how well they really work?  Whether you have never used green cleaners or you spend your evenings whipping up a batch of laundry detergent during your favorite sitcom, I have an AMAZING giveaway for you all this week.  It is definitely one near and dear to my heart.  Say hello to Murchison-Hume!

Murchison-Hume was created by former Fashion Editor and mother of two, Max Kater, when her son developed allergic sensitivities to common household cleaning products. She made it her mission to create products that would be stylish to look at, safe and easy to use and still work just as well as ordinary supermarket brands. Clean is beautiful.

And let's be brutally honest for a minute.  Stylish packaging is HUGE!  Having the ability to leave cleaning products out in the open only promotes more cleaning.  Am I right?

OK, so we have healthy and earth friendly (check, check), stylish (check), portable cleaning caddy (check) and they also clean really well (check)!  What could make them any better?  Why an iHeart Organizing chore chart of course!  I just love seeing it in their most recent promotional photo! ♥  See, we are a match made in cleaning and organizational heaven!

OK everyone, I want to get these cleaners into your paws.

This week, I am giveaway away an amazing cleaning prize pack.  So whether you are ready to change your daily cleaning routine or are about to dive into a deep spring cleaning like myself, be ready to fall in love with your chores (it really is possible).

One lucky winner will receive the Classic Six Box Cleaning Set which includes:
  • Boys’ Bathroom Cleaner
  • Premium Glass Polish
  • Spit & Polish Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • Everyday Furniture & Upholstery Cleaner
  • Counter Safe All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Effortless Floor Cleaner
  • Bamboo Caddy (Measures - 10”L x 7"W x 4.5” H)

I am also throwing in a $40 gift credit to my Etsy printable shop!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

From now through Wednesday, June 3rd, Murchison-Hume is offering 20% off to iHeart Organizing readers with the code iheart20 at checkout.  And I am offering 20% off all printables in my shop with code iheartspringcleaning at checkout.  Win, win friends!

Good luck everyone!

Must be 18 years old or older. Open to continental US residents only.  No purchase necessary to win. All rules and entries must be followed to be eligible to win. Winner will be selected at random using and will be announced on original blog post upon drawing. IHeart Organizing official giveaway entry rules can always be found here.
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